Public Swimming Pools in Denver

Light blue headings are the city of Denver's Open Database addresses; green are the USPS (United States Postal Service) corrected addresses.

Yellow address means probably mailable address verified by USPS, but not fully encoded ZIP+4; a red zipcode, mail might bounce (grey bars only for readability).

Notice Denver city records are all missing ZIP codes - we are going to fix that via the USPS's API. If you are managing a mailing for this list, you might want to exclude the three red addresses completely, send only a postcard to the seven yellows, and then a full letter to proper full ZIP+4 ones to save a few cents.

First-class letters would cost you $17.05 at 55 cents each, but if you dropped the addresses that probably won't work for the USPS, that saves you $1.65, and then using postcards at 35 cents each for only the probable addresses vs letters; another $1.40.

So....17.9% off a mailing campaign.

You could have saved another 55 cents on your mail by using 'DISTINCT' on the address for the dupe on the Carla Madison pools. SQL is fun.

Next, a simple JOIN

POOL_NAME ADDRESS_LINE1 CITY STATE ZIP z4_address z4_city z4_st z4_zip
Ashland Indoor Pool 2501 W Dunkfield PlDenver CO2475 W DUNKELD PLDENVERCO80211-3737
Athmar Recreation Center2680 W Mexico AvDenverCO2680 W MEXICO AVEDENVERCO80219-4829
Aztlan Pool4435 Navajo StDenverCO4435 NAVAJO STDENVERCO80211-2442
Barnum Pool370 Hooker StDenverCO370 HOOKER STDENVERCO80219
Berkeley Pool5105 W 46th AveDenverCO5105 W 46th AveDenverCO
Carla Madison Recreation Center (Lap Pool)2401 E Colfax AveDenverCO2401 E COLFAX AVEDENVERCO80206-1404
Carla Madison Recreation Center (Leisure Pool)2401 E Colfax AveDenverCO2401 E COLFAX AVEDENVERCO80206-1404
Central Park Recreation Center9651 E Martin Luther King BlvdDenverCO9651 MARTIN LUTHER KING BLVDDENVERCO80238-2953
Congress Pool914 Elizabeth StDenverCO914 S ELIZABETH STDENVERCO80209
Cook Pool1655 S OneidaDenverCO1655 ONEIDA STDENVERCO80220
Eisenhower Pool4300 E Dartmouth AveDenverCO4300 E DARTMOUTH AVEDENVERCO80222-6759
Garfield Pool1295 S Lowell BlvdDenverCO1295 LOWELL BLVDDENVERCO80204-1516
Glenarm Recreation Center2800 Glenarm PlDenverCO2800 GLENARM PLDENVERCO80205-3012
Globeville Pool4700 Logan StDenverCO4700 Logan StDenverCO
Green Valley Ranch Pool4455 Jebel StDenverCO4455 JEBEL STDENVERCO80249
Harvard Gulch Pool550 E Iliff AveDenverCO550 E ILIFF AVEDENVERCO80210-5081
Harvey Park Pool2150 S Tennyson WyDenverCO2150 S TENNYSON STDENVERCO80219
Hiawatha Davis Jr Recreation Center3334 Holly StDenverCO3334 HOLLY STDENVERCO80207-2036
La Alma Pool1120 Osage StDenverCO1120 S OSAGE STDENVERCO80223
La Familia Recreation Center65 S Elati StDenverCO65 S ELATI STDENVERCO80223-1639
Martin Luther King Jr Recreation Center3880 Newport StDenverCO3880 NEWPORT STDENVERCO80207-1510
Mestizo-Curtis Pool3181 Champa StDenverCO3181 Champa StDenverCO
Montbello Recreation Center15555 E 53rd AveDenverCO15555 E 53RD AVEDENVERCO80239-5614
Montclair Recreation Center729 Ulster WayDenverCO729 ULSTER WAYDENVERCO80230-6808
Ruby Hill Pool1555 W Mexico AveDenverCO1555 W Mexico AveDenverCO80223
Rude Recreation Center2855 W Holden PlDenverCO2855 W HOLDEN PLDENVERCO80204-3352
Scheitler Recreation Center5031 W 46th AvDenverCO5031 W 46TH AVEDENVERCO80212-2555
Southwest Pool9200 W Saratoga PlDenverCO9200 W SARATOGA PLDENVERCO80123-1058
Swansea Pool2650 E 49th AveDenverCO2650 E 49TH AVEDENVERCO80216-2946
Twentieth Street Recreation Center1011 20th StDenverCO1011 20TH STDENVERCO80202-1810
Washington Park Recreation Center701 S Franklin StDenverCO701 S FRANKLIN STDENVERCO80209-4504